Weight Loss Rules



Rule #1  Cut sugar out (almost) completely

The average Australian consumes over 25  teaspoons of added sugar per day!! Sugar is hidden in a lot of foods and drink!! Sugar is 50% fructose which we immediately convert to fat. Little surprise we have an obesity epidemic. The World Health Organisation says we should reduce consumption by at least 50%. The American Heart Association say maximum 6 teaspoons per day for women, 9 for men and much less for toddlers and children. ( I personally would average 2 or less tspns per day now).

Rule #2  Eliminate fruit juice and soft drink

Crammed full of sugar !  These drinks contribute more to obesity than anything else - especially in our children. Don't go near soft drink or fruit juice! Note: Diet soft drinks are OK on this program.

Rule #3 Start reading labels

4 grams of sugar is one teaspoon. Know and remember this. One can of coke is 40 grams (10 teaspoons). One glass of orange juice is 16 grams (4 teaspoons). One serve of Nutragrain is 3 teaspoons. Read labels!! You are in for a shock about how much sugar you are actually consuming.

Rule #4  Eat when you feel like it

This could be 3 meals plus smaller amounts between meals. You choose what suits you best. And snacks as required. This is not about being hungry. Quite the reverse. Though not overly large amounts each time. No sugar!!!


Rule #5  Stop alcohol until goal weight achieved

Alcohol has the same metabolic products as the dreaded fructose. VLDL's. Very Low Density Lipoproteins. The worst kind! Bad for the arteries and bad for the waistline. Know about these and start worrying now! One standard serve of alcohol equates to the fat production from about 3 teaspoons of sugar. More on alcohol

Rule #6  Cut down fruit !!!

I have virtually none! Fruit sounds healthy but has a lot of sugar. A medium size apple, banana or orange has between 3 to 5 teaspoons of sugar. There is nothing in fruit that isn't already in vegetables. Vegetables contain lots of fibre and  more than enough vitamin C and other antioxidants.  See Sugar Stacks website. Berry fruits are better partly because we eat smaller quantities of them.

Warning: some people report constipation when cutting out fruit. Be sure to have extra veggies and eat some  bran if needed.


Rule #7 Don't eat dried fruit

Again sounds healthy but contain way, way too much sugar. Sultannas are 63% sugar. A child's school snack-sized packet (40g) contains 6 teaspoons!!

Rule #8  Eliminate honey.

Sorry, virtually the same as sugar. Contains 40% fructose. (Sugar has 50%). Eat honey sparingly. You are kidding yourself if you think honey is an acceptable substitute for sugar.

Rule #9 Use artificial sweeteners if necessary.

They have close to zero calories. They have been exhaustively studied for decades. They are approved by Food Standards Aust and NZ (FSANZ), and almost all by the FDA. Obesity and overweight are not recommended by the FDA. If you need them as you wean yourself off sugar - fine. And safe as far as I'm concerned.


Rule #10 Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

If you are addicted to sugar you may need to get ready for the withdrawal symptoms. These include cravings, headaches, irritability etc.
My impression is that about 20% of people coming off sugar get some withdrawal symptoms.The best way to fight sugar withdrawal is to have ready access to non sugar calories.
See snacks.


Rule #11 Eat a lot of vegetables.

They fill you up. High fibre, vitamins, unrefined carbs, low fructose! The sweetest vegetable has less sugar than the least sweet fruit. Less starchy veggies like potatoes.

Rule #12  Care with  carbohydrates.

I originally thought sugar was the only problem. While cutting sugar out is enough for some, others need to reduce carbohydrate as well. Refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, white rice and starchy vegetables like potatoes cause insulin release, and insulin causes fat to be deposited. Reduce carbs, particularly the more refined ones.

Rule #13   Don't Stress!

This is do-able!! No sugar consistently for weeks and months is going to produce great results for both your weight and your health. And you are going to generate a feeling of self empowerment as the weight comes off. You have finally got your hands on the right map!!

Rule #14 Eat breakfast!!

If you are not hungry when you rise in the morning you have eaten more than you needed the night before! Cut back in the evening. Eat a good sized breakfast. See what to Eat


Rule #15  Weigh yourself regularly

They tell you if you are getting it right, and they tell you if you are getting it wrong!! The scales don't lie. Electronic ones are accurate and great. Get some. Weigh yourself.

Rule #16  Use this shopping list

Take a copy of this list with you. You will succeed or fail at the supermarket.
Shopping List


Rule #17 Calculate your current sugar intake

Use the sugar calculator

Rule #18 Buy kitchen scales (electronic) and measuring cups and spoons

Start measuring out your breakfast cereal and other portions. They are more reliable than we are!


Rule #19 Beware the sauces!

Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise (read the label), sweet chilli sauce, Thai and Malaysian sauces.


Rule #20  Explore this website

  Learn more about sugar and the science behind it. You will need to know a fair bit to effectively persuade your family, friends and work colleagues that they need to drastically cut their sugar intake to avoid bad outcomes.

More Rules.  Don't think we've finished with you yet! (Coming soon)

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